Telecom Business Consulting: telecom consulting, project management, business process reengineering, networks, OSS BSS... Get the right people, you will get the right results!  telecom consulting, business  process reengineering, programme management, project management, oss bss ...    telecom consulting, mobility and convergance, telecom implementation mangement, telecom recruitment services, telecom change management, telecom process optimization, business continuity management, and IT implementation management;

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Telecom consulting services:

    Telecom consulting examples:

    Our telecom consulting benefits

bullet Telecom Business Consultants are skilled and experienced in providing IT solutions, telecom solutions, systems integration,  programme management, project management, products or services extension, business process reengineering,  telecom OSS BSS... enable your business effectiveness, hence improve growth and profitsconsultants, telecom, business process reengineering
bulletTelecom Business Consultants are aware of  poconsultants, telecom, project managementssible need for quick fixes first,  whilst working on strategic solutions, hence cost reductions in fire fighting or loss of revenues
bulletour telecom consultants skilled in operations optimization, enable efficiencies leading to improved profitsbilling consultant, business analysts, recruitment
bullet our recruitment consultants search, select and place appropriate consultants, managers, analysts as needed for your specific program or project.  Hence lower cost of engaging the right people to your business needs. 

     Our Telecom consultants' capabilities

bullet telecom startup: through our team of telecom consultants, project managers, business process design, and recruitment,
bulletStrategic management: Operations assessments, strategic business case preparation, IS strategy formation, IT strategy formation, IM strategy formation and change management
bullet operational quick fixes: telecom consultants
bullet strategic solutions: telecom consultants, business consultants
bullet program management: programme managers, project managers
bullet  PMO set-up: programme  managerstelecom, consultants, change management
bullet business process reengineering: bpr consultants, best practices, business consultants, business process modeling business process outsourcing, change management
bulletConvergence and mobility: network and applications consulting
bulletProduct management: Product managers
bulletNetwork Assurance: Network managers
bulletDelivery management: carrot and stick!
bullet business requirements consultants, billing, crm, sap, telecomspecification: telecom consultants & UML methodology
bullet telecom systems integrator management: telecom consultants & Middleware
bullet billing and CRM  improvement: telecom consultants
bullet systems architecture & integration consultants: telecom consultants, IT consultants, project managers
bullet OSS and BSS improvement: oss bss consultants
bullet call to bill print integration: telecom consultants, telecom managers
bullet change management:telecom, project management, business process reengineering, it management, oss, bss, bpr, change management bpr consultants, change managers
bullet networks: network access, transmission, core network, backbone, longhaul (fixed, mobile and wireless, O&M, network consultants
bullet internal capability audit and capability improvement: management consultants
bullet cost reduction: management consultants, cost managers
bullet performance improvement: business consultants, bpr process improvement, change managers, business analysts, KPIs
bullet business operations improvements: business process improvement, bpr consultants, change managers, logistics, Network, Order Management, CRM, billing specialists
bullet telecom billing implementation: telecom consultants, project managerstelecom, consultants, business process reengineering
bullet telecom ERP, CRM  implementation: telecom consultants, project managers
bullet Commercial negotiations and due diligence procurement: Commercial managers
bullet service delivery management - SLA: telecom consultants
bullet risk management: program managers, business analysts
bullet network and service provisioning, roaming: telecom consultants
bullet process based quality initiative inc. six sigma: bpr, best practices, process improvement  and quality consultants
bullet recruitment of skilled people on your behalf: recruitment consultants, employment agencies...
bullet and more

Business Management: IT and Networks due diligence, operations Audit, Capability Audit, Sales and Marketing capability improvement...


Strategic Management:  We have planned, developed and delivered network and Information Systems strategies to top Telecom Operators


Business Continuity Management: Business Continuity audit, strategy, planning, implementation, maintenance and reviews

bullet IT and Telecom solution: We assess your current operations, identify gaps / shortcoming, deliver a strategy, deliver solutions proposals and business cases, agree a way forward, manage the build and deploy cycle to improve your IT,  telecom network and applications.
bullet Networks consulting:  Networks evolution management and consulting from circuit based Fixed line Voice, data services, broadband to packet based XDSL,  ISP, Data Services, IP/MLPS, and  GSM to GPRS and 3G,  WiMAX, HSPA, SOA, Services coconsultants, telecom, project managementnvergence,  NGOSS capabilities, and mobility.  Networks coverage and capacity expansion (DLUs, Switches, MSAN, Soft switch, SDH Metro, Routers, BTS, BSCs...), IMS and introduction of new products and services.
consultants, telecom, project management

Business Process  Reengineering: our process reengineering consultants specialize in organizing and planning BPR; current operations analysis, business process definition "AS IS", best practices, gap analysis, process  design "TO BE", process  change, change management,  process optimization and specification right down to consultants, telecom, project management consultants collect and your existing business processes, redesign optimized processes according to your business objectives, map business processes to applications / operations, get stakeholders agreement, specify business processes, test them and deploy  improved processes in your business..  Our consultants will apply process metrics and iterations where necessary.


BSS and OSS improvement: our consultants assess your current business systems support (bss) and operations systems support (oss), NGOSS, information technology, people, systems and business processes, introduce necessary change management, develop and optimize oss bss to improve your company's growth and profits.


Systems development: we apply iterative development process (RAD, Fast track, Agile...) from conception to deployment; planning, business requirements, high level design, detailed design, build, test, release and migration will focus on delivery through interaction with your stakeholders.  Emphasis will be  more on working software and systems than documents, customer collaboration and change management.


Systems development We collect, analyze, prioritize, build a database, and specify your business requirements and build traceability links.  Business scenarios and Use cases will be developed together with test cases early enough in the SDLC to allow RAD / fast track development.


 Systems Integrators: Where required we negotiate with third party suppliers to agree supplies / services  to the business requirements and oversee the compliance to your business requirements and manage  validation and verification of your business needs


Operation and Maintenance (O&M): Performance, Availability, Resilience, Capacity, Traffic, Business Continuity, Trouble Management, NOC...


Applications  Development: planning, architecture design, high level design, test planning, RFP, and management of implementation and operational KPI development, integration and operational audit.

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telecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, project management, business process reengineering, it management, oss, bss, bpr, change managementtelecom, project management, business process reengineering, it management, oss, bss, bpr, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change managementtelecom, consultants, change management




consultants, telecom, project management